Water Softener with Lid Polyethylene

Water Softener with Lid Polyethylene

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Water Softener with Lid Polyethylene

To water softener polyethylene cap belongs to our product line category Water Purification Water Softeners subcategory.

The water softener has a cabinet made of HD (High Density) and polyethylene cap HI (High Impact) of polystyrene, an output connection, not loaded, KERAMIS valve with electronic programmer, multi-color display that includes:

  • Water distribution system with the closure of ceramics.
  • Storage of data in nonvolatile memory.
  • Automatic keylock.
  • Measurement of flow.

The water softener maximum water temperature is 45 ° C, has an input / output connections 3 / 4 ", an operating pressure between 1.5 and 6 bar, their food is 230-110V 50/60Hz.

The water softener has an upward movement or downward flow regeneration depending on the model. By-pass included in the volumetric models. Optional on other models.

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Cotice: Water Softener with Lid Polyethylene

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