Water Purifier Power Supply

Water Purifier Power Supply

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Water Purifier with 230V/50Hz Power Supply, 110V/60Hz Optional

The water purifier is part of our product line, category Water Purification subcategory water purifying equipment.

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The water purifier is made of ABS on a steel frame and an accumulation tank stainless steel water tanks, hot and cold stainless steel AISI 304.

The water purifier has a front access to filter compartment, has a hot water tank with dual resettable safety shield of metal, refrigeration compressor R-134a ecology.

This water purifier has a 230V/50Hz power source, optional 110V/60Hz a total power of 590 W.

Performance Characteristics:

  • The microprocessor control and display data on LCD panel.
  • Programming for cold water (min. 5 ° C) and hot water (max. 95th C).
  • Selection of start and stop time.
  • The total accumulation of water up to 15 l.
  • Water dispenser with anti-drip solenoid.
  • Working pressure 1.5 to 6 bar.
  • Operating temperature: 5o C - 35o C.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane (output: 280 l / day).
  • Maximum salinity of 1,500 mg / l.
  • A-9 0 00 3 4 A-9 0 00 3 4.
  • Diaphragm pump pressure booster.
  • Bacteriostatic mineralized post-filter.

The performance of the device is variable depending on water temperature, pressure, salinity and degree of saturation of the different elements.

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