Retention Valve Wafer Silent Compact

Retention Valve Wafer Silent Compact

Producto n° 18818


RETENTION VALVE Retention Valve Wafer Silent Compact The compact wafer retention silent valve is part of our product guide category subcategory valves valves retention Find great prices on our website The compact wafer retention valve is silent compact wafer type, pressure and temperature rating equal to or greater than the pipe on which they are installed between ANSI flanges, has a body of cast iron, bronze guide bushing, brass guide pins. The valves operate silently in either vertical or horizontal position and to any flow direction Retention Feature Compact Valve Wafer Silent: • Size from 2 to 12 inches to 150 psi • Cast iron wafer • Hard bronze • Stainless steel spring Continue browsing our site so that more of our products quote

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Cotice: Retention Valve Wafer Silent Compact

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