Equipment Gps Gsm SMS GPRS

Equipment Gps Gsm  SMS GPRS

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Equipment Gps Gsm / SMS / GPRS

The team gps gsm / sms / gprs is part of our product guide the implementation of the sub-category gps, tools

The team gps gsm / sms / gprs is a smart device for tracking mobile management and control in real time. It has unique features that make it a perfect solution for any application of automatic vehicle location.

The main features of the computer gps gsm / sms / gprs:

•High sensitivity allows FIX without need for line of sight to the sky

•Intelligent Machine friendly event reports

•Internal battery backup with duration up to 10 days / hours depending on the mode of report

•4 inputs / 4 outputs

•Report gradient intelligent guidance to ensure excellent resolution of the turns of the vehicle

•Communication protocol and TCP or UDP (can work simultaneously)

•Two-way Audio

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Cotice: Equipment Gps Gsm SMS GPRS

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