Ecological Cleaner Degreaser

Ecological Cleaner Degreaser

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Ecological Cleaner Degreaser

It is a multipurpose cleaner and degreaser that has been developed for cleaning the very elements impregnated with debris and dirt, such as tar, wax, coal, oil, ink, grease, and other similar substances. Unlike other degreasers, is a powerful cleanser 100% focused, which enables its use for industrial and institutional maintenance where needs are most critical cleaning. The activity of this degreaser, allows more efficient cleaning with less effort.

The Ecological Cleaner Degreaser Composition:

The organic cleaner degreaser is a 100% concentrate, formulated with essences of natural oils and esters. Contains no caustics, acids, chlorinated solvents or petroleum products, ensuring consumer safety and the environment.

Characteristics of organic cleaner degreaser:

Maximum cleaning power to be 100% concentrated, nontoxic: composed by natural, organic formula: 100% biodegradable, fragrance: pleasant, effective: with most items and surfaces, easy to wash with water and leaves no residue and effectively: for virtually all cleaning applications, excellent results with regular use, without any additional mechanical or chemical treatment, can maintain clean drains, sumps and grease traps.

The Ecological Cleaner Degreaser Uses:

The organic cleaner degreaser elements very clean waste impregnated with tar, bitumen, lubricants, wax, coal, oil, ink, grease and dirt from engines, motorcycles, chains, machinery, sliding guides, shop floors and in general of all dirt generated by the use of machinery.

The Ecological Cleaner Degreaser Application:

This organic cleaner degreaser can be applied manually (eg brush) or spray. The dirtiest spots may require the action of a sponge or bristle brush. A few minutes after making the degreasing action may be towel or rinsing with water under pressure. Furthermore, this degreaser can be diluted and emulsified with water.

Note: Pre-inspect in an inconspicuous area if you are used in plastic or painted surfaces to observe results.

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