Activated Sludge Biological Process

Activated Sludge Biological Process

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The activated sludge process is a biological method of wastewater treatment that is performed by a variable and mixed community of microorganisms derive energy from carbonaceous organic matter in aerated wastewater for the production of new cells in a process known as synthesis, while simultaneously releasing energy through that contain lower energy, such as carbon dioxide and water, in a process called respiration. This consortium of microorganisms, the biological component of the process, in known collectively as activated sludge. The MLVSS is maintained as 2500 - 3000 mg/L. The overall goal of the activated-sludge process is to remove substances that have a demand for oxygen from the system. This is accomplished by the metabolic reactions (synthesis-respiration and nitrification) of the microorganisms, the separation and settling of activated-sludge solids to create an acceptable quality of secondary wastewater effluent, and the collection and recycling of microorganisms back into the system. This is achieved by the Efficient desing of the Secondary clarifier and Sludge Re-circulation system We invite to be a part f our portal Aguamarket where we offer and sale ACTIVATED SLUDGE BIOLOGICAL PROCESS and others products to quote and buy our products for water and more, also found more information like products, news, tender etc. Find the best prices on our site

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