Benefits of nano filtration system

Benefits of nano filtration system

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During the reactive dyeing of cotton, salt such as sodium chloride (naci) are placed in a dyebath to aid the exhaustion of various dyes onto the fabric while bases are added to raise the pH from around neutral to pH 11 to achieve fixation. Afterwards, the used dyebath solution, called dye bath, is discharged with almost all the salts and bases added as well as unfixed dyes. Consequently, many raw materials are lost in the waste stream ending up in the environment as pollutants. When the other Polluting compots are treated with different treatment techniques mentioned in this brouchure, the salt remains same in the Effluent resulting in high TDS. The NaCI salt solution can be recovered for Re-use in Dyeing by using nanofiltration membrane system

Removes hydrocarbons and BOD/COD in contaminated water through an attached growth biological treatment technology Uses oxygen transfer with a large protected biofilm attachment area to achieve high removal rates Incorporates neutrally-buoyant Media Pac Increases the efficiency of the biological treatment process by increasing the amount of surface area Capable of treating a variety of flow rates and contaminants Minimal maintenance compared to other biological treatment systems The FBBR Media Pac incorporates high surface area and large void spaces that are aggressively sloughed to eliminate biofilm growth and fouling Easy to test influents and adjust biological parameters for maximum efficiency

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