Water dispensing

Water dispensing

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Dispensador de agua Caliente

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Water dispensing for both cold and at room temperature with adjustable dispenser. Includes Conventional filtration, reverse osmosis or ultraviolet disinfection according to model. Construction: Made of stainless steel AISI 304 Accumulation tank made of stainless steel AISI 304 Front access to the filtration compartment Refrigeration compressor: R-134a ecological Power supply 230V/50Hz, optionally 110V/60Hz Total total power: 120 W CE certification 3 years warranty Operating characteristics: Cold water thermostat: Adjustable from 2o to 15o Output of cold water: 8 l/h Cold water accumulation: 8 l Pressure regulator included Water dispenser via dispenser and tap Operating pressure 1, 5 - 6 bar Operating temperature: 5o C - 35o C Reverse osmosis membrane (output: 1, 100 l/ day) (maximum salinity 1.500 mg/l. ) Booster membrane pressure pump Bacteriostatic remineralising post-filter NB: The performance of the apparatus is variable depending on water temperature, pressure, Salinity and degree of saturation of the various elements

Cotice: Water dispensing

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