Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling Resistant

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling Resistant

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling Resistant

The reverse osmosis membrane fouling resistant it is characterized by low-pressure operation, higher water productivity and excellent desalting performance. Moreover, the special membrane surface modification has been made to modulating the surface microcosmic configuration, such as changing surface electrical charge , optimizing surface roughness, increasing the surface hydrophilicity, thus can decrease the adhesion of positive substances, ampholytes and microbes so as to lessen the polluting rate and effectively extend the service life of elements.

Application Reverse Osmosis:

The reverse osmosis membrane fouling resistant is designed for treatment of brackish water with salt concentration less than 10 000 ppm, such water source as surface water, underground water, tap water and municipal water, etc.

The reverse osmosis membrane it is mainly applied to treatment of various industrial water applications, such as reuse of industrial reclaimed water and boiler water replenishment for power plant, etc., and is particularly applicable to treatment of those water containing slight organic pollutants such as industrial wastewater, municipal water and other slightly organic pollutants contaminated water.

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Cotice: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling Resistant

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