Biosolids Drying System

Biosolids Drying System

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Biosolids Drying System

The drying system is used worldwide for drying biological sludge and biosolids.

The biosolids drying system uses indirect drying technology to convert municipal and industrial biological sludge into a sterile product flowing granular, free. The dry biosolids can be reused beneficially as a nitrogen fertilizer slow release additive soil amendment or as fuel in a boiler green and cement kiln.


  • Achieve 90+% dry solids
  • Produce Exceptional Quality Class A sludge
  • Achieve intermediate dryness for composting or incineration
  • Reduce disposal cost
  • Produce stable and marketable products
  • Increase fuel value


  • High thermal efficiency
  • Low quantity of odorous off-gas, easy permitting
  • Cost effective and environmentally sound
  • Easy to operate, requires minimal attention
  • Continuous process, no recycle required, no pre-conditioning of the feed
  • Safer than direct drying
  • Durable design results in low maintenance
  • Can be operated 24 hours per day or for a portion of a day
  • Enclosed process eliminates fugitive emissions
  • Low overall temperature results in a safer operation

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