Sludge Dryer

Sludge Dryer

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Sludge Dryer

The sludge dryer is used worldwide for drying sludge and a variety of products, generating dry stable products reduce disposal costs and waste conversion into marketable products. Drying also allows some waste to be used as fuel.


  • Achieve 90+% dry solids (99+% if desired)
  • Achieve intermediate dryness for composting or incineration
  • Produce stable and marketable products
  • Reduce disposal cost
  • Increase fuel value
  • Re-process residuals and tailings
  • Removal of hazardous volatile organic compounds (thermal desorption)


  • High thermal efficiency
  • Low off-gas quantity resulting in simplified air permitting
  • Cost effective and environmentally sound
  • Continuous process can be operated 24 hours per day or for a portion of a day
  • Easy to operate, requires minimal attention
  • Accepts a wide variety of feeds: slurry, paste, cake, granular, or powder
  • Safer than direct drying
  • Durable design results in low maintenance
  • Enclosed process eliminates fugitive emissions

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