Belt Thickener

Belt Thickener

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Industrial Dryers

Belt Thickener

The belt thickener to reduce the volume of waste sludge and biosolids from the activated sludge to produce a pumpable concentrated dehydration treatment or transportation. The thickener belt uses only gravity and a porous drainage belt together with a high speed system for improving drainage thickening performance at a reduced operating cost.

The belt thickener is designed specifically for continuous operation, high hydraulic efficiency, the use of polymer low, low maintenance and long service life in highly corrosive environment of waste treatment.

The belt thickener used gravity drainage through a filter tape to thicken sludge conditioning polymer before digestion, mechanical dewatering, or transport to a landfill or land application.

Municipal Applications

  • Thickening before hauling
  • Thickening prior to digestion
  • Thickening after digestion
  • Thickening for volume reduction prior to land application
  • Thickening prior to dewatering
  • Primary sludge
  • Secondary (Waste Activated) sludge
  • Oxidation ditch sludge
  • Digested sludge
  • Potable water treatment sludge
  • Slaughterhouse waste (Paunch manure)
  • Thickening of dilute pulp and paper waste prior to dewatering
  • Concentration of food processing waste

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