Rotary Atomizer

Rotary Atomizer

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Rotary Dryers

Rotary Atomizer

The rotary atomizer is variable speed and represents a reliable approach for atomization and spray drying, is robust, direct-drive, high-speed motor compact, using only a few parts in a rotating assembly (no gear, pulley , gearbox or coupling) reduces the need for traditional mechanical maintenance.

In addition to the rotary atomizer is of high quality, precision bearings lubricated oil mist (ABEC-7) and provide maximum reliability.

This atomizer can handle any pumpable feedstock solution or suspension, which covers a wide range of characteristics in terms of feed solids content, density and viscosity. The material fed into the spray process by a positive displacement pump is a low pressure, or by gravity flow from head tank. < p>

converts spray feeding an atomised spray or mist of fine droplets, typically of 30-50 microns in size, suitable for spray drying.


  • Coal fired power plants - flue gas desulfurization systems
  • Municipal waste combusters - (municipal waste to energy incinerators), semi dry scrubbers
  • Mineral smelting off-gas - treatment plants
  • Coke Ovens - off-gas treatment facilities
  • Spray drying - plants in chemical and minerals industries

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