GreyWater Treatment System GWTS 500

GreyWater Treatment System GWTS 500

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Greywater Treatment

GreyWater Treatment System GWTS 500

Purify greywater for indoor and outdoor reuse, save up to 130,000 litres (40,000 gallons) annually for an average family of four.

Greywater treatment system applied progressive filtration for both Mechanical filtration and Biological filtration plus UV-C disinfection. Treated greywater can be reuse for indoor-toilet flushing, laundry as well as outdoor garden irrigation.

Greywater treatment system collects the domestic wastewater from shower, laundry, hands wash basin, and treat them into reusable water quality for reuse in toilet flush, laundry, car wash and garden irrigation.


  • Low power consumption: +/- 2kWh /KL produced
  • No chemical & disinfectants added
  • No new water needed for backwash
  • Modern design easily integrates with the environment
  • User friendly: process is automatic & self-maintaining
  • Long lasting filter media, no regular replacement needed
  • Progressive biofilter: copes with fluctuating flows & different levels of pollution

Cotice: GreyWater Treatment System GWTS 500

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