Ironman Hose AUD

Ironman Hose AUD

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Ironman Hose AUD

Ironman AUD hose is designed to be applied fire according to market rules. It is style hose jacketed polyester with a polyurethane (PU / TPU) lining which can also handle some chemicals and petroleum-based products. It may be coated with optional treatment based on polyurethane for a higher level of heat and abrasion resistance.


  • Application: Suitable for military, industrial and municipal fire departments applications, transfer of potable water, snowmaking, etc.
  • Inner tube: polyurethane coating
  • Jacket: double jackets circular polyester fabric jacket, or twill weave, the warp yarn is made of polyester yarn, strips available on request
  • Operating Temperature: -60 ° to 176 ° F (-50 ° to 80 ° C) waterborne

Recommended for:

  • Transport solutions of chemicals
  • Firefighting Solutions
  • Solutions drinking water transfer
  • Other

Cotice: Ironman Hose AUD

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