Feed hose PU DRAG Flow

Feed hose PU DRAG Flow

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Feed hose PU DRAG Flow

The supply hose is used for liquid manure and mud injection systems for heavy-duty service in the toughest conditions, it is recommended for manure transfer solutions.


  • Agriculture and mining
  • Transport of abrasive materials
  • Flexible pipe even in extreme terrain
  • Irrigation and sludge disposal


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Extremely tough and durable for long life
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistance to oil, fuel and a wide range of chemicals
  • Weather ability, UV and ozone
  • Lightweight and easy to use compared to rubber hose material handling
  • Excellent cold flexibility
Size Proof Test Burst Weight Bowl Size Tendsile Strength
  PSI PSI LBS mm Lbs
4” 170 510 580 102 28800
5” 150 450 760 127 38900
5 1/2 “ 135 405 880 140 45400
6” 135 405 950 152 54600

Cotice: Feed hose PU DRAG Flow

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