Canon hose MUD

Canon hose MUD

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Canon hose MUD

The hose barrel is made from 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn circular woven and completely, fully embedded in the composite PU, protected against mechanical damage, forming a single homogeneous construction without the use of any glues or adhesives of any kind. Propeller used nylon built to withstand the vacuum pressure, the propeller is recoverable ensures that the hoses can be recovered by hot water and again when the hose deforms by truck or other heavy equipment.


  • Reinforcement: polyester jacket with a spiral circular woven nylon built
  • Operating Temperature: -60 ° F to 176 ° F (-50 ° C to 80 ° C)
Inches mm Inches mm lbs/ft kg/m psi/bar psi/bar
2" 51+1.5 0.19” 4.9 0.74 1.10 522psi/36bar 1305psi/90bar
3" 76+2.0 0.2” 5.2 0.20 1.80 500psi/34bar 1250psi/86bar
4" 103+2.0 0.22” 5.6 1.61 2.40 360psi/25bar 900psi/63bar
6" 153+2.5 0.22” 5.6 2.21 3.30 300psi/21bar 750psi/51bar

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