KSG Gravel Pump

KSG Gravel Pump

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Mud Pumps

KSG Gravel Pump

The gravel pump is specialized in the transportation of mud pump equipment containing large particles. KSG gravel pump has large pumping capacity and wear and corrosion resistance characteristics. This series of pumps has a horizontal, cantilever, single-stage, single-suction structure. The pump body, pump cover and connection plate are connected by clamp. The lubrication way adopts grease lubrication.

The pump and driver can choose direct coupling transmission, V-belt transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission and reduction transmission.

The outlet direction of the pump can be at any position of 360°, which has the advantages of convenient installation, good cavitation performance and anti-abrasion. The inlets of all types of pumps are horizontal. Viewed from the drive direction, the pumps rotate clockwise and can also rotate counterclockwise as needed.

Dredging industry

Efficient dredging:

The gravel pump can efficiently suck and transport water containing large particles and high-concentration sediments to the pump body, effectively dredging rivers, ports and waterways.

Large flow transportation:

The KSG gravel pump has a large flow conveying capacity, which can quickly transport excavated sand, gravel and granular materials to designated places, meeting the needs of dredgers to remove large amounts of sediment and transfer it quickly.

High anti-wear performance:

The gravel pump is made of high hardness and high wear resistance materials, which can effectively resist the wear of granular materials, prolong the service life of the pump, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, adapt to harsh working conditions in the dredge industry environment.

Adjustable flow rate and transport distance:

The gravel pump has the function of adjustable flow rate and conveying distance, which can be flexibly adjusted according to actual operating needs and provide customized solutions.

Shield Tunnel

In the construction of tunnel shields, mud is an indispensable working fluid that can lubricate the mechanical parts of the shield, cool blades, stabilize formations, etc. However, during construction, the mud will contain a large amount of sand and gravel impurities, which will affect the operation of the shield machine and the quality of the tunnel.

Sludge treatment:

Extract the mud containing excavated gravel impurities by the protection machine and transport it to the mud treatment equipment for cleaning treatment to maintain the cleanliness of the construction site.

Mud injection:

Precisely inject specific materials or additives into the mud to improve properties or strengthen geological conditions to ensure trouble-free construction.

Lubrication and cooling:

Deliver lubricant and coolant to the key parts of the protection machine to ensure good lubrication and heat dissipation effects, and improve the efficiency and service life of the protection machine.

Waste treatment:

The waste and residual materials generated are extracted and transported to the designated treatment area, reducing mess on the construction site and facilitating subsequent cleaning work.

Mining Tailings

Tailings treatment:

Tailings containing solid particles are extracted and transported to processing equipment for separation, dehydration, filtration, etc. to achieve resource recovery and environmental protection.

Mud transportation:

Efficiently and stably transport tailings sludge containing high concentration solid particles to the designated position to improve work efficiency.

Environmental governance:

By controlling and reducing the impact of tailings on the environment, environmental governance and protection can be achieved and environmental risks can be reduced.

Mud pumping operation:

Pump the settled solid particulate material and transport it to the treatment system to improve the treatment efficiency of the tailings pond.

In summary, gravel pump plays an important role in mine tailings industry. It provides reliable support for the treatment and management of mine tailings and promotes resource utilization and environmental sustainability.


  • Product Model
  • KSG gravel pump
  • Diameter (mm) 100~400
  • Flow (m3/h) 60~4000
  • Elevation(m) 10~60

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