KSHF Foam Slurry Pump

KSHF Foam Slurry Pump

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Mud Pumps

KSHF Foam Slurry Pump (KSF)

The foam pump is designed to better handle highly abrasive and corrosive foamy sludge through an induced vortex effect before it enters the pump impeller. It is always used for continuous and heavy duty pumping.

Product advantages

KSF series foam pump has a warm welcome in the Chinese market and has brought benefits to customers. During operation, foam and foam in the slurry can be effectively removed and it can work normally even when the feeding slurry is insufficient, making it an ideal choice for conveying foamed slurry, especially in the flotation process.

There are many options for feed tank material, and there may also be a rubber liner with overflow box and tangential inlet. The former can transport excess feed slurry back to your well, while the latter can quickly make the slurry enter the pump body and make some of the foam disappear.

Cotice: KSHF Foam Slurry Pump

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