KSG Type Sand and Gravel Pump

KSG Type Sand and Gravel Pump

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Centrifugal Pumps

KSG Type Sand and Gravel Pump

Pumps used to pump water and a sand or gravel mixture into the recovery system, such as a sluice box or jig, are called a sand-gravel pump, since sand and gravel are a type of primary construction aggregate, such pump is often used to produce sand. And gravel, it is a centrifugal pump with renewable impellers and liner, and in recent years submersible pump is also used in this field.

Product advantages

KSG type gravel pump is a cantilever centrifugal pump with a single pump casing, the whole structure is connected by a clip belt.

It has the advantages of light weight, good cavitation performance, strong abrasion resistance, wide flow passage, and convenient installation and operation.

It is especially used for continuous transportation of large and strong abrasive materials. While KSGH type is a high lift gravel pump.

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