WN Series Dredge Pump

WN Series Dredge Pump

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WN Series Dredge Pump

The dredge pump could be well fixed on ships, cost-effective and has long service life and high efficiency. Each dredge pump has passed CCS inspection and could well meet the requirements of various dredges.

Dredging pumps are used to move sediment, sand, gravel, debris and a variety of other solids from the river or sea to a discharge site. They are usually heavy duty centrifugal pumps.

Abrasive granular materials and solids of various sizes and weights will be suspended by washing or other external conditions, and then the mixture will be transferred through a special pipe or hose with the help of a dredge pump.

Product advantages

WN series dredge pump is a new type of slurry pump developed with the help of various advanced computer-aided design programs, the pumps could meet the dredging and filling needs of rivers, lakes and seas.

This series of dredge pumps has the advantages of good overall structure, excellent dredging performance, long service life, high efficiency, reliable shaft seal and obvious economic benefits, etc. They can fully meet the requirements of dredging ships. By the way, each set of products has passed CCS (China Classification Society) inspection to ensure good quality.

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