Paddle Wheel Aerators for Aquaculture Waste Water

Paddle Wheel Aerators  for Aquaculture  Waste Water

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Paddle Wheel Aerators, for Aquaculture & Waste Water

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One-year warranty.

4.1 SAE! Excellent oxygen transfer, along with significant circulation. Asian-made paddle wheels have become the most popular, even in North America, because of their low cost.

But be careful, they are not all the same. Gear reducers, motors, bearings, paddles and seals are all problematic components. The availability of repair parts, warranty replacements and efficiency ratings must be considered over low price!

We offer only high-quality, Taiwanese-made paddle wheels featuring high-efficiency TEFC motors and the high-quality "Chenta" gear reducer to ensure a long service life. The entire unit, including gear reducer and motor, is guaranteed for one year. The frame, drive shafts and hardware are all 304 stainless steel—all compatible with salt water. The SAE is approximately 4.1 on all models. Power cable not included.

Other features include fiber-reinforced nylon paddles (8 blade) and one-piece, molded, polyethylene floats.

We will be happy to provide quotations for larger quantities shipped directly to you from the factory. 50-Hz models are available in quantity by special order.

Note: Guarantee requires the oil be changed after the first 3 months. Ships motor freight only.

Cotice: Paddle Wheel Aerators for Aquaculture Waste Water

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