Medidores de Caudal

Medidores de Caudal

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Medidor de Caudal Electromagnético

The are flanged electromagnetic flowmeters for use in 4”, 6”, 8”, or 10” pipe in municipal or industrial water and wastewater applications where propeller meters have typically been used in the past.

Because the medidor has no moving parts and electrodes designed to discourage fouling, this magmeter performs well and requires much less frequent maintenance in applications where debris or sand would impede propeller meters.

There is no rotor to stop turning or bearings to wear out. Minimal straight pipe requirements allow meters to be used in piping configurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow.The  is externally powered with 12-24 VDC. Low power requirements also make it ideal for solar or other small power sources.

Rate and total indication is standard on both. Standard solid state pulse output allows connection to a telemetry system or data logger. A pulse-to-analog converter can be added if a 4-20 mA signal is needed. A shielded power/pulse output cable with DIN connection is included with the meter.

The display housing is fitted with tamper-evident features.Optional features include immersible electronics for occasional vault flooding, and bidirectional flow indication.

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