Oxygen Aerators for Aquaculture Wastewater by FAS

Oxygen Aerators for Aquaculture  Wastewater  by FAS

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Oxygen Aerators for Aquaculture & Wastewater, by FAS Aeration » Pure Oxygen Equipment » For ponds and large tanks that need more oxygen. Gets D.O. up to and above saturation. Built to last. People who have switched to pure oxygen say they would never go back to using aerators. Why? Cost. In high density aquaculture, "aerators" just cannot keep up with the oxygen demand. Aerator efficiency drops badly around 60 percent of saturation, whereas pure oxygen efficiency is excellent well beyond saturation. These floating devices are designed to trap a pure oxygen "bubble" above a surface splashing device. The right amount of circulation is created to bring in water low in oxygen while moving out water high in oxygen. The "bubble" is molded fiberglass; the floats and most of the hardware are 304 stainless steel. Simply float the device on the surface, stake or tie it into place, run a power cord and pure oxygen hose to it, then throttle your oxygen flow meter to achieve the ideal dissolved oxygen level. To automatically raise the oxygen feed rate at feeding times, simply use an oxygen solenoid and a timer to give the Turboxygene more oxygen for the duration wanted. Oxygen inlet is 12-14 mm. Power cable is not included. Units are 220/480V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase

Cotice: Oxygen Aerators for Aquaculture Wastewater by FAS

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