Vacuum Filters

Vacuum Filters

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Vacuum Filters

Dependable Vacuum Filtration Systems MonlanGroup offers a complete line of coolant filtration systems and equipment for the metalworking industry. Our Vacuum Filter products range from standard off-the shelf filtration units to sophisticated custom engineered systems, with filtration capability from 1 GPM to the maximum required flow rate. MonlanGroup Vacuum Filters are virtually maintenance-free, with high sludge volume elimination; resulting in lower production costs. Mon-A-Vac™ Vacuum Filters Mon-A-Vac Vacuum Filtration Systems provide a constant, dependable flow of clean coolant to the machine tool line. These filters utilize a vacuum chamber to draw dirty coolant through the disposable filter media. The proven principle of optimal filtration through contaminate, or sludge build-up, forming a cake on the filter media is applied. Filtration is maximized as caking builds up on the media. Standard Vacuum Filter units are available with flow rates up to 3000 GPM. Custom designed Vacuum Filters are our specialty. Mon-A-Matic™ Permanent Media Vacuum Filters The Mon-A-Matic™ Permanent Media Vacuum Filters uses Herding Filter elements to eliminate disposable media and reduce operation costs. The permanent media filter eliminates the need for disposal costs. Back flushing the filter with clean coolant keeps the it clean and eliminates the need for large voulmes of air. The back-flushed solids drop from the filter element and settle into a tank where they are removed via an automatic chain dragout. The Mon-A-Matic Permanent Media Vacuum Filter requires minimal floor space and is completely self-contained, simplifying maintenance and operation. Vacuum Filter systems are offered in models, sizes, capacities, flow rates and media necessary to meet your needs.

Benefits: Longer Tool Life Better Surface Finish - Average Improvement 27% Reduction in Machine Downtime by About 50% Extended Coolant & Washwater Life Bacteria Control Continuous Operation Easy Installation

Applications: Grinding Applications General Machining Parts Washers Plastic Recycling Stamping Operations Tube and Rolling Mills Wire Drawing Die Casting Rinsewater Wash Water Filtration Central Systems

Cotice: Vacuum Filters

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